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Kim, “The Doggie Shrink”, is a Certified Professional K9 Trainer and Behavior Modification Specialist.

She is credentialed by the three leading dog training and behavior academies in the United States. A top graduate of all three schools, Kim has a vast knowledge of canine theory, canine psychology, and behavior modification. She avoids the use of force and relies on the “true science” of dog training and behavior – making Doggie Shrink’s methods scientifically proven to be extremely effective, humane and lasting!

Doggie Shrink puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by veterinarians, other trainers, rescue groups, kennels, shelters and of course, our clients! Kim is committed to providing the most affordable, effective, and lasting solutions for her clients’ dog training needs. Outside of teaching her clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, Kim plays, trains and competes in various training sports with her own pack of awesome dogs!

All classes use Positive Reinforcement / Negative Reinforcement. We do not use yelling, pulling, yanking or punishment. Just learning with Cookies and Love, using your Voice & Hand Commands and lots of Treats.

Full Training Class Prices
6 Week Duration $129.00
In-Store Private Training Prices
1 Hour Lesson $89.00
4 Hour Lessons $219.00
6 Hour Lessons $299.00
Workshop Prices
1.5 Hour Lessons $29.00

Workshop Descriptions 

All workshops are 1.5 hours in duration and cost $29.00

Potty Training:

These workshops will give you the secrets to organizing, planning and establishing a successful potty training schedule for your new pup or rescue dog!

Puppy Sleep Training:

Is your pup making bed time a nightmare? Doggie Shrink can turn it into sweet dreams! Our workshop will teach you everything you need to know to help your puppy learn to sleep through the night, so you can too!

Leash Manners:

Walking your dog doesn’t have to be a drag! Learn loose-leash walking and leash manners, so you can practice and enjoy walks together!

Sit, Down Stay – Taught In a Day:

Learn and perfect the two most important skills relied on to correct the most common behavior problems!

Leave It:

Help your dog understand  “leave it” and “take it.” Two very important safety cues in the dog world. We’ll help you practice and perfect these skills together.

No More Jumping:

Help your dog to understand to keep “4 on the floor” when it comes to greeting people at home and in public. Learn how to stop jumping up behaviors, once and for all!

K9’s & Kids Obedience Class:

With fun, easy-to-understand techniques – kids  learn how to “speak dog,” build a great relationship, teach obedience and play games with their dog that are safe and fun… not games that promote nipping and biting!